What are the Best Mountain Bike Brands for Sale?

Are you on the lookout for your next mountain bike, but you
are unsure about what brand to go with? Worry not, because we thought we’d take
a look at two of the best mountain bike brands for sale to help you select the
right bike for you.


Tommaso is a brand that is known for its quality. We
especially like the Gran Sasso 29er, pictured above.

It has rugged 29er wheels which are able to maintain excellent
grip when riding over rocky terrain.

We have noticed that having the clearance of a 29er wheel
makes such a difference, especially when you are riding on a steep incline.
When it comes to braking, the Gran Sasso 29er delivers, thanks to the hydraulic
disc brakes which allows you to brake in all weather conditions. We would
always recommend that you choose hydraulic brakes over traditional mechanical
disc brakes, as they often half the stopping distance.

We have seen in the past that some mountain bike brands offer bikes that are not built to last and break before their time. The Tomasso Gran Sasso 29er is manufactured using the finest quality aluminium. For peace of mind, there is a lifetime warranty on the bike, which arguably makes it one of the most trusted mountain bike brands.


Schwinn are one of the best mountain bike brands for sale.

The second brand we would recommend is Schwinn. We love the Schwinn Schwinn Traxion 29” mountain bike from this brand. It is fitted with a rugged and durable aluminium dual suspension frame. This is supported with the unique Schwinn suspension fork, which works to improve the ride quality by soaking up any bumps that you ride over when navigating difficult terrain.

When it comes to making gear changes, this is made easy thanks to the 24-speed Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifter that is fitted. Gaining speed and moving through the gears is excellent with the Schwinn mountain bike. Durable Schwinn alloy cranks improve the gearing.

When it comes to braking, while it is not hydraulic brakes, the front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide good stopping ability. It would be the perfect bike if it had hydraulic brakes!

This particular bike is fitted with wide double
wall alloy rims, which add to the durability of the bike.

Have you tried out these mountain bike brands
before? If so, tell us what you think of them and whether they truly are the
best mountain bike brands for sale at the moment.

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