Top Skirts for Curvy girls on a Special Occasion – Prom Dresses

In life, as well as in the world of fashion and
style, there are very absurd myths. Some of them have to do with the sizes and
stereotypes imposed on women and that unfortunately have been perpetuated for
ages. The truth is that girls can use whatever they want as long as they feel

To achieve a perfect look that reflects your
style and makes you feel like a fashion diva, all you have to do is to apply some
tips. After analyzing the hottest fashion trends among which stand out the
latest collection of prom dresses released by JVN, our team has created a list to inspire
getting the most out of each type of skirt – especially if you are a curvy

  • Get closer to the elegance: black

Let’s face it; the black color will always be
the wardrobe’s salvation. It combines with absolutely every colors or style and
allows to create the most versatile outfits. The situation is not different if
we talk about skirts for girls with curves.

You can be comfortable and look good in an
elegant event such as a wedding, for example, opting for a stocking underneath
and a blouse in contrasting color. Try to combine your favorite skirt with a
super simple white blouse and let the details make the difference. Besides, the
black color will always make your silhouette highlight the best of its

  • In a sexy way

Being a curvy girl has significant advantages.
Taking advantage of your silhouette using the correct skirt is possible. For
example, the ideal garments to look sexy and classy on a night out are the ones
that fit the best.

Remember that you should always wear your
blouse tightly to accentuate your waist, also playing with textures.
Leather-like are textures that posses a lot of shine. Choose to take them to
the height of the knee and be careful with the shorter ones; it’s not
recommended for the length to reach the fullest part of your legs.

  • Prints

Stop being afraid of printed fabrics; yes you
can use them. They make the skirts look very cool and fun. They are a great
alternative to go on a day party. The best are flowers and other small figures
combined with a blouse and a pair of shoes in a neutral color.

Now, if we have talked about the world of
fashion is at your complete disposal, it is also important to highlight those
elements that could diminish your look; everything depends on your height, the
pronunciation of your curves among other aspects

There are always clothes which are better to be
careful with, regardless of whether you are thin or curvy. For the case of
curvy and short girls, the following tips can be beneficial.

  • Texture and patterns

Wearing big prints when you are super curvy can
end in two ways: you break schemes and start a trend among your friends if you
chose well or the complete opposite. Striped patterns, large or with sequin
texture increase the volume of your body.

If you are a traditional girl, you probably
want to go for a safer option, such as clothes that are plain, dark and with
small prints. So the effect will be the contrary. Dark colors will help you to
draw what you want from your figure, while the small print will help disguise
what you don’t feel comfortable with. So, if you have a dress with a beautiful
skirt (it may be among your options of prom dresses), what you could avoid are
those with large prints on them.

  • Length and size

Be aware of the length of your skirt, neither
too long nor too short. The average length is always ideal. If you are short,
avoid the dresses to ankle height because they can take away inches visually.
Instead, use them just above the knee.

Transparent or white:
The quicksand of fashion

No girl, no matter how slim she looks, is comfortable
carrying a dress with a transparent skirt in which her panties stand out. If
you are going to use transparencies on purpose, do it in appropriate places for
that. We talk about the beach; it is not the most flattering to bring a
see-through skirt in the city, especially for prom. If you take a look at
Jovan’s prom dresses collection, you will notice that the designers play with
transparencies in neutral areas of the silhouette.

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