Tips on Taking Your Essay to the Next Level

Writing essays can be a difficult process, mainly because writers haven’t properly followed good practice when embarking on their essay. So, with this in mind, here are some tips to make your essay as good as it possibly can be.

Create an Outline

It can be tempting to just power into the content of the essay.
Before you start, we would recommend that you create an outline. This allows
you to create a proper argument and gives you a plan on how the essay will be
structured. You should make a plan for the essay by jotting down ideas for an
introduction, the body and the conclusion. Maybe add ideas about appropriate areas
of evidence that will support your argument.

Grammar and Punctuation

Grammar and
punctuation are so important when it comes to the overall delivery and tone of
your essay. Failure to follow basic grammar and punctuation will result in a
poor grade, even if your arguments are sound. Many writers miss out commas. It
is imperative that you use commas throughout your essay to break up sentences,
as and when required.

Also, it is important that you ensure sentences are concise, and are not fluffed up with more unnecessary words, just to reach the word count.

Develop the Argument & Critically Analyze

Whilst working on your essay, it is important to state your main argument and develop upon this argument with evidence. Make sure you stick to the topic and don’t add needless information. It can be tempting to add a little piece of unrelated information, but stay clear of doing this and focus on the job at hand. With any evidence you write, you need to ask yourself – “Does this really add to my argument?”. If it doesn’t, just remove it from the essay.

A Properly Written Conclusion

Arguably, the conclusion is the most important part of your essay. In the past, people just thought that the conclusion was summing up the essay before it finished. But, the conclusion needs to draw all your ideas together to allow you to come to an understanding of the topics you have discussed. Often a good essay is ruined by a poorly written conclusion, which is vague and doesn’t draw any reasoned conclusions to the issues under discussion. So, make sure you make your conclusion as perfect as possible before submitting your essay.

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