Tips for Choosing the Right Moving Company

We all know that moving home can be a stressful experience.
This is why hiring the right moving company is key to minimizing anything going
wrong during your big move. With this in mind, we thought we would outline some
tips when selecting a moving company to carry out your move.

Make sure you get references

We would recommend that you contact family and friends for any
references. This helps narrow down the search to companies that were cost
effective and performed well for their moves. If your close circle of friends
and family don’t have any references, a good list of moving companies can be found on the American
Moving and Storage Association website.

Try and avoid packing costs

We would recommend that you try and avoid packing costs by
packing your belongings away yourself. It can get quite expensive if you pay
the moving company to pack your items, as they will charge you for boxes and
other packing materials, as well as time and labor.

For some, packing costs will may be essential if you don’t
have the ability or time to pack yourself. If you are in this situation, make
sure you ask about the experience of the packers. You want to ensure that your
personal belongings get to your new property safely and without any breakages.

Look out for extra fees

Sometimes extra fees can be charged if for example you live
in a two-story house at the moment, or are looking to move into one. These fees
can get out of control if you are moving from or into an apartment on the 11th
floor of a large apartment block for example. Under these circumstances, you
will be charged by the moving company to go up stairs and elevators. This is
why it is key to ensure you ask your mover about any additional fees. It could
be an expensive mistake otherwise.

Don’t pay a big deposit

Reputable and trustworthy movers won’t demand a big cash deposit before carrying out a move. Make sure that you only pay upon delivery of the service you have requested. If you have to pay in advance of your moving date, you will have little to no control over the move from then onwards. These are just some of the tips that you should follow when choosing a moving company. You may wish to check out the services offered by ABC Movers –

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