The Importance of a Home Inspection Before Buying a Condo

When we think about buying a
, we often wrongly believe that they will be a lot easier to manage
and maintain in the future compared to a traditional house. I suppose there are
no driveways to repave, and you don’t have to be solely responsible for the
roof. But, it is important to note that things to do go wrong with condos, so
we would always advise that you carry out a home inspection on the condo before
you buy.

So, what do you need and your home inspector need to look out for
when carrying out a home inspection?

We would recommend that you check for…

• Any noticeable spotting on the floor and walls of the
condo. Also, if you notice that the floors are sloped, there is a chance that
this could be down to water damage.

• If you notice that some of
the walls are cracked, this may be because of a structural problem, which can
be expensive to rectify.

• If you find that there is spotting
around the window, this would indicate that there is mold in the property.

• We would also recommend that
you complete a check to see if the doors are level. If not, this could indicate
some serious issues.

• When it comes to the tiling
of the condo, it is important to check to see if there are any gaps or missing
caulking in any of the tile work.

• Also, examine the common
areas of the building to see if any regular maintenance has been completed. If
not, the residents of the block will be unlikely to do anything about any major
repairs in the future.

• Run the taps and shower to
check if there is suitable water pressure, and check both the hot and cold taps
when doing so.

• If you smell any unusual
smells in the condo, make sure that you try and get to the root of the problem.
It could be highlighting a serious problem.

• Check to see if the
electrical systems and HVAC systems both work. If in your condo there is an
HVAC, as well as a central building system unit, make sure you inspect both.

These are just some of the things that you should look out
for when buying a condo. But, you should complete these checks if you are buying
a townhouse
aswell. What else should potential buyers look out for? Tell us
what you think!

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