The Benefits of a New Smart Thermostat

There are many benefits you can realize by
installing a new smart thermostat for your home HVAC system. Aside from the
programmable features, the ability to control and monitor your home HVAC system
remotely is above and beyond anything your current “dumb” thermostat can offer.
Here are some basic beneficial features you can get from installing a new smart

  • Saving on your energy bill when
    properly set up
  • Geofencing – this feature
    allows you to set a distance from your home through a smartphone app. When you
    travel outside of a set (by you) perimeter your thermostat will automatically
    go into a “home away” mode. Depending on your setting of the geofencing, your
    home HVAC system will shutdown or go into a setback mode.
  • Alternatively, the geofencing
    feature will realize when you return to the inside of the set perimeter and
    turn your HVAC system back on. This allows the HVAC system to turn on and your
    home will be at a comfortable temperature upon your return.
  • A smartphone app that allows
    you to remotely monitor the temperature in your home. You can set up an alarm
    so if the temperature exceeds a certain setting (e.g. freezing) then it will
    alert you through the app. This will prevent frozen pipes and a resulting call
    to a plumber to make the repair to any frozen pipes.
  • The ability to program the
    thermostats and set settings through a smart phone app or online through a
    desktop or laptop. These are typically much easier and user friendly than the
    older programmable thermostat without remote features.

and Installing a New Smart Thermostat

New smart thermostats are easily purchased
online or at your local hardware store. You can even call your local HVAC
contractor to install a new smart thermostat that they offer for sale. If you
are purchasing and installing a new smart thermostat yourself, you will want to
take care follow detailed instructions to be successful. It helps to have
skills and basic knowledge in tools and doing this kind of work.

A basic set of tools will include a
screwdriver, wire cutter pliers, and a flashlight. See High Performance HVAC
Heating and Cooling for detailed instructions on how to wire a
. That page gives you details that include helping you understand
how to change the thermostat smoothly and efficiently. To further help you
install the new smart thermostat you will want to the thermostat
wiring colors code
page to help you make the proper terminations from the
old thermostat to the new thermostat.

Advice – New Smart Thermostat

One of the biggest mistakes most people
make when installing a new thermostat is, they forget to turn off the power
before working with the wiring. They end up touching some of the wires together
and blow their control transformer. Make sure you turn the power off to your
HVAC system before changing the thermostat. Another mistake they make is not
having the proper tools available to complete the job properly. All the details
you need to be successful are located at High Performance HVAC Heating and
Cooling. Good Luck and enjoy your new smart thermostat!

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