How to Clean a Rug Properly

An area rug is often the piece that brings your room together, but as we all know, it often becomes dirty very quickly because everyone walks over it, food is spilt…not to mention any pets that you may have who rub themselves against it. Sometimes vacuuming is not enough to get the rug back to its original condition. Here are some tips to bring the rug back to its best, thanks to Rug Cleaning NYC.

Should You Clean It?

The last thing you want to do is to make the rug look worse
than it already is. This is why we would recommend that if you have an antique
carpet, or a Persian rug for example, that you should leave it to professional rug
cleaners. These rugs are expensive, and you shouldn’t mess around with them
unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Tools Needed

Here are the tools you will need to clean your rug.

  • Specialist
    shampoo for rugs (or you could use a detergent)
  • Bucket
  • A brush
    with nice soft bristles. If you don’t have a brush like that, a sponge will
    often be an adequate replacement
  • Clean Water

1)  Remove
Dirt and Any Noticeable Debris Visible on the Rug

First of all, make
sure you take the time to vacuum on both sides of the rug before you start to
clean it.

2)   Setup Your Cleaning Solution

For those of you
who have specialist rug shampoo, make sure you carefully follow the directions
on the bottle, as different products have different preparation procedures.
Make sure you do not use hot water.
If you do, this can cause the rug to shrink, and in some cases, cause fading.

3)  Check
the Colors Don’t Run

Before you start vigorously
scrubbing your rug, it is crucial that you make sure that the cleaner you are
using doesn’t lead to the colors of the rug running. To guard against this, you
can complete a  test of the solution in a
small corner of the rug. Or, check that your rug is “colorfast”.

4)  Wash
the Rug

Now you can proceed
with washing the rug with your soft-bristle brush or sponge. It is important to
try and work the solution into a nice lather to maximize the effectiveness of
the cleaning. We would recommend letting the cleaning solution sit on the rug
for a few minutes.

5)  Rinse
the Rug

Once you have
finished your cleaning, you can then rinse the rug. We would recommend using buckets
of clean water.

6)  Remove
Any Excess Water on the Rug Before Drying

Before you can let
the rug dry, try and remove as much water as you can. This will allow the rug
to dry faster. For drying the rug, make sure you lay the rug flat. If you have
any fans, this will also speed up drying.

If you have a carpet that needs cleaning, we would recommend
you check out Carpet Cleaning NYC,
who offer a wide range of cleaning services.

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