Compare Electric Rates in Massachusetts

In a move that made energy consumers breathe a little bit easier, National Grid announced that it will reduce rates for residents and businesses alike starting on May 1, 2019. 

With Massachusetts electric rates poised to plummet, consumers are in a great position to do a little bit of bargaining and get their energy costs even lower! By thinking ahead and strategically comparing all of your options, Massachusetts residents can stand to save even more on the cost of their energy bills.

Compare Electric Rates

Since National Grid made the announcement that it was going to drop rates you can expect other energy companies to follow suit. They have to drop their prices in order to remain competitive and keep their customers.

There are plenty of online tools to compare electric rates, so make sure that you are taking full advantage of them and doing your homework before settling on a supplier. You can even use these rates as a bargaining chip when speaking with competitors! 

Informed consumers are empowered consumers. Make sure that you do your homework!

Look into Fixed
Energy Options

Fixed energy rates protect you from skyrocketing energy costs and keep your bills at the same low energy rate. Fixed energy is not the same as fixed billing. Your bills will fluctuate as your energy usage rises or falls. What it means is that you are able to get your energy at a lower cost.

Right now National Grid is announcing that it’s going to reduce energy rates, but there’s no reason to think that this will be the case forever. More than likely, Massachusetts electric rates will go up again. By simply bargaining for a fixed energy rate when the price is low, you’ll save yourself the headache of being the whim of a fickle energy market. It’s a good way to have some peace of mind. 

Of course, if you want your energy bills to be lower you should look into additional ways to cut back on your energy use. Smart thermostats, Energy Star approved appliances and devices, and proper insulation will help keep your electric bill low.

Think About Going Green

There is a plethora of ways that you can get the energy that you need while still keeping the environment intact. Green options are all the rage these days! Traditional utilities like National Grid often do not offer green options to their consumers. You simply pay for the same old energy that you’re used to getting.

When you choose to use an alternative supplier, you’ll see that many of them will give you the option to go green or supplement your existing energy usage with a green overlay. It could save you money on your bills and will certainly make a positive impact on the planet. 

You can opt for new energies like solar, wind, geothermal or hydroelectric energy. Additionally, there are often incentives for going green! You might be eligible for tax write-offs or other perks simply by thinking outside the box and utilizing a new way of getting your energy. 

Sometimes people worry about switching over to a new energy source, but green energy has been around for decades and is so sophisticated that it operates just about the same way that old-fashioned energy does. It’s a smart way to reduce your carbon footprint, save money on your bills and get a little benefit from Uncle Sam at tax time! 

National Grid’s recent announcement is great news for Massachusetts residents. It really puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you plenty of leverage over energy companies. Make sure that you take full advantage!

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