Are You Looking to Buy a New Rice Cooker?

you are in the market for a new rice cooker, there is a giant market out there
so, I have compiled some good facts and buying concerns for your consideration
before you start shopping.

all are trying to eat healthier and smarter. A quality rice cooker can help you do both and they
are not difficult to use or make food with.

the market is so huge, I would first like to give you somethings to think about
that will make the difference in the size and kind of rice cooker that will
work for your own individual needs.

Rice Cooker Buying Concerns

  • How Many People Do I Want to Feed?
  • What Kind of Rice Do I Want to Cook?
  • Is the Rice Cooker Easy to Clean?
  • Does the Rice Cooker Have a Delayed Start?
  • Can I Cook Other Food in the Rice Cooker?
  • Does the Rice Cooker Use Pressure Style Cooking?
  • Does the Rice Cooker Come with Any Utensils?
  • What Kind of Instructions Come with the Rice Cooker?
  • How Much Technology Do I Want My Rice Cooker to Have?

Types of Rice Cookers

type of rice cooker is the conventional
, they have a heating plate, internal pot and external pot and shut off automatically when done.

type would be the Micom that contain
a computerized micro-chip that controls the functions of the cooker.

third type is a Micom with Pressurized
Induction Heat
that also have a computerized-chip and are considered the
“smart rice cookers”.

Low to Medium Priced Rice Cookers

As you can see there are a bunch of
features you need to think about before you can decide what rice cooker is
going to work the best for you. If you are thinking, “I just want to cook rice and that’s it” then look for one of the
cheaper and less complicated rice cookers such as the Black & Decker Rice Cooker that sells for around $15.00.

of the Rice Cookers on the market are multi-functional, they are not just a
rice cooker. Remember when we were all going crazy about owning a crockpot? Now
we all want a rice cooker and if it does more than cook rice, it’s even more
attractive to us.

Aroma Housewares makes a multi-functional
rice cooker that you can stem veggies in, make a fluffy cake, or fix jambalaya
in as well as cook rice. It will cook around 8 cups of finished rice so if you
have a medium sized family or you just want leftovers, this rice cooker will
serve you well. Its cost is about $30
and does come with a steamer tray, measure cup and spatula.

More Expensive Rice Cookers

The reason the price goes up on rice cookers is due to
the amount of technology used in
manufacturing and the material used to make the cookers. Naturally, the larger
the quantity of rice they can cook at one time also adds to their value.

such rice cooker is the Zojirushi
. It uses Fuzzy Logic Technology which includes digital controls
and LCD window.  It has a delayed-timer
setting so you can have it start cooking your rice hours before you get home
from work and keep it warm until you are ready to serve it.

 It can cook enough rice to serve 12 people.
Being multi-functional, you can cook a ton of foods in it. The cost is around $150.00 and will last
you for years.

of the Worlds most famous brands of rice cookers is the Cuckoo brand. This offers perfect rice every time and the company say
you will never have to buy another rice cooker in your lifetime.

also claims to be an energy saver and you can navigate its uses in three
different languages. Of course, its price is much higher ($350) but it’s a one-time purchase. Plus, its cute!

Last Considerations

you can see, there are many things to consider before purchasing a new rice
cooker. If you don’t plan on using a rice cooker very often, choose the cheaper
ones, they will fulfill your needs.

you have plans on changing your diet drastically and adding plenty of rice, I
would suggest you make a better choice and purchase one that will last you for
along time, the rest of your life!

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