Advantages of Billfolds and Moneyclips

Getting your first wallet as a kid is a big
deal. You finally had your own money and needed a way to carry it around. Your
dad had a wallet, your older brother had a wallet, all the adults in your life
had a wallet and now you did too. A wallet was a big deal as a kid, but now
you’re an adult. The way you carry money now shouldn’t just be functional, it
should complement your style too. So it’s time to think about upgrading on the
traditional wallet and getting a billfold or a money clip to carry your money
in style.

The first thing you want to do is not to be
like George Costanza. George, the sloppy, everyman character from the Seinfeld
sitcom had a huge wallet. When he took it out of his pocket it looked like a
football. It had receipts and papers and all sorts of trash in it. It took him
too hands and quite a bit of force to close it! If you have a George Costanza
wallet you need to pair it down for a billfold or money clip.

Today, almost everyone has a smartphone.
You no longer need notes or pictures or even all of your credit cards in your
wallet. Keep as much of that as you can on your smartphone. Take stock of what
you carry around and try to narrow it down to what you really need. Cash, photo
ID, credit cards and maybe the odd library, insurance or public transportation
card is all you need nowadays. Once you’ve decided on the raw materials you
need to carry, you can decide on your perfect vessel.


A billfold is the grownup version of the
wallet. Simple, sleek and plenty of space to carry what you need. It should be
slim and stylish. The traditional billfold is leather but you can get different
types now in different fabrics or even in a hard case. Most simply fold over
(hence the name) but you can get ones that zip or have a strap to keep it
closed for extra security if you’d like. There are a wide range of plain
billfolds but, if you’d like to show a little more personality, there are many
options that offer monograms or different visual prints. Getting a sleek
billfold that compliments your style will make you look more mature when you
pull it out and won’t give you a huge lump in your pocket. It’s a great way to
upgrade your money carrying game.

Money Clip

If you’d like to go even more sleek and
minimalist in your pocket a money clip is a great way to go. There’s nothing
that says you’re a boss more than taking out a wad of bills cleanly held
together by a money clip. A standard money clip, usually metal, will easily
hold your cash, folded neatly around any ID or cards you also carry. You can go
simple and plain, have it monogrammed or even with the logo of your favorite
sports team or comic book character. There are other materials for money clips
now too. They come in leather as well and some are adorned with all types of
cool stuff like coins or even jewels. To really take it up a level, look at the
money clips that also serve a dual purpose. There are money clips that are
attached to cardholders but also ones that function as bottle openers for the
BBQ and beer aficionados. There are ones that flip out into pocket knives for
the outdoorsmen or even ones that have USB sticks hidden in them for the tech
savvy guys. A dual-purpose money clip is an amazing tool to have all the things
you need right in your pocket while not taking up a ton of space.

Once you decide what style suits you best
then it’s time to make your final style choices. If you are mostly in a
professional setting you want something simple and classy. Leather is always a
good choice for this, going with black or brown in timeless class. Plain metal
with little or no additions is also safe for this. You can go with silver or
gold but if you’d like to be a little more trendy, there are a lot of black and
grey metal options that will look high class but also skew a little younger.
Whatever you chose, matching your billfold or money clip to other accessories
like a watch is a very stylish idea. Having multiple styles or colors to match
different outfits is a good idea too.

If your life is a little more fun and
casual, you should definitely pick a billfold or money clip that shows off some
aspect of your personality. It can be a little more of an adventurous color or
have a bold graphic print. If you decide to go with a money clip, consider the
shape. There are versions that look like paperclips or giant letters or even
ones that have fun, futuristic looking cutouts. Again, just remember it may
make sense to have a simpler option as well for special occasions as you may
not want to pull out your Batman or Star Wars money holder at every social or
professional event.

There are almost endless options to upgrade your wallet game these days so there’s no need to be a modern-day George Costanza. Remember to streamline exactly what you need to carry with you and put the rest on your smartphone. Choose a carrier that will fit nicely in your pocket and not look too bulky with the style of clothes that you wear. Also, consider having more than one option so you’re covered for all situations and occasions. Now that you’re an adult, make sure that your money carrying choice reflects that and find the billfold of money clip that best suits you. Once you’ve done that, the next time you pull your money out to pay for something or need to show your ID, you’ll feel like a real adult!

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