A Weekend Trip from London to Liverpool and Cardiff by Car

was early morning, and I retired to my bed after a bashing night-out. My phone
ringtone blew up to its loud voice. I was drowsy and sleepy too. With lazy
hands, somehow I managed to get to the phone and answered. Heard a familiar
voice from the other side, yes, it was Uncle Jones. We had a great time with
Uncle Jones a few years back when I was his next-door neighbor. Later when I
joined King’s College London, I had
to change my room. We spend great weekends together. My initial drowsiness and
laziness went off in a while, and I jumped up on my bed. I thought there would
be some exciting news from him. Yes, it was indeed. Uncle Jones informed me
that he got a new car and we are going to drive through for 2 days this weekend
at Liverpool and next day to Cardiff. I was pretty excited and thrilled as a
weekend trip from London to Liverpool and Cardiff by car would be fun and
amazingly interesting.

roommate, Suzana decided to join us on this amazing trip. Uncle was punctual
with time, and we started early to avoid traffic. We filled the car tank to the
full and are all ready to enjoy the lovely ride through the highway connecting London to Liverpool. We
had a lovely drive enjoying the pleasant weather. During the early morning,
nature is always at its best. We reached Liverpool
perfectly on time and it was 10 am. We have the whole day ahead to explore the
beautiful city that has excellent museums, amazing galleries and unique
historic buildings. We visited all seven museums that Liverpool has. They are
the World Museum, Merseyside Maritime Museum,
Walker Art Gallery, Lady Lever Art Gallery, International Slavery Museum,
SUDLEY House and Museum of Liverpool. By afternoon we visited the Strawberry
Fields, Penny Lane, and the Cavern Club. We had an amazing time out there by
gossiping, chatting and taking photos. It was almost evening, and we decided to
visit the SEFTON PARK PALM HOUSE where the shooting greenery mesmerized us. We
ran out of time to visit “The Beatles
which is an amazing world-famous attraction.
On our next visit, we are definitely going to make it. We drove back with full
energy as the next day we are going to visit Cardiff.

to London is only 3 hours 6 minutes driving and is only 243 Km by car according
to mileage calculator.
Today we planned to travel towards the western side of London. As usual, to
make our day big, we started early morning, so we can enjoy the drive all
along. It was, as usual, an amazing experience. Uncle Jones informed that he
tried to arrange a ticket to see a rugby match at the world famous Millennium
Stadium, but unfortunate to get it, as we planned the last minute. This stadium
all-round the year attracts thousands of rugby lovers as because the capacity
is huge and all the big matches are being held here. However, on reaching, we
had our first stop over here and we gazed the splendid beauty.

Our second stopover point
was The Wales Millennium Centre that
comes among the top 10 tourist spot in the United Kingdom. I had heard about
this spectacular place many times, that day witnessed with my own eyes. Our
next stop-over was the Cardiff Castle, a former Roman fort that mesmerized us
with its archaeological beauty. We witnessed a sight having a historical
background of more than 2000 years. We further visited St Fagan’s National
Museum of History, Cardiff Bay and a Science Museums, TECHNIQUEST. We strolled
out a bit here and there, enjoyed some chilled drink and finally need to move
back to our home. We started driving back from Cardiff to London, and the
journey was as pleasant as we expected. We travelled enjoying the cold breeze
and remembrance of our entire day experience. We bid goodbye to Uncle Jones,
and he promised us to accompany on few shorter gateways for a break. It was
really an amazing weekend trip from London to Liverpool and Cardiff by car we
would be remembering for a long time.

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