5 Things to Photograph When You are Travelling

Many people
love travelling and visit many places, both inside and outside the country.
Most of them carry a DSLR or any other digital camera with them.

question that lingers in the mind of many of the tourist is, what to shoot? So,
I will share five things you can photograph next time when you are travelling.

You don’t
have to learn high-end photography to photograph these things. You can get
useful photography tips online and learn how to use your camera.

1.People Portraits

It is a
good idea to take portraits of people. Make sure that you ask for their
permission before photographing. It is for your safety.

Try to
include the essence of that place in your frame. If you are photographing a
villager, then make sure that you capture a photo where some part of the
village forms a part of it.

You can
also capture tight portraits to get the facial features.

2.Buildings and Architecture

Some places
are famous for their buildings and Architectural Monuments. For example, the
pyramids of Egypt and the temples of India.

So, make
sure that you include these places in your travel itinerary. You can photograph
these structures using the basic kit lens that comes with your camera. You
don’t need any specific lenses.


photography should be your priority when you are travelling. The scenes and
landscapes that you visit are unique to that place. So, you should spend some
to capture it.

Try to
include some interesting objects in your composition so that they won’t end up
in just another photocopy of that place. So, use your imagination and


If you are
visiting places like Kenya, Tanzania, Costa Rica or India, then you capture the
exciting wildlife subjects. You need to have proper planning to ensure that you
cover the maximum spots in your limited time.

wildlife photography, I recommend you to carry a zoom lens with your camera. If
you are interested in wildlife photography, then you can even go for a high-end
telephoto lens.

5.Street Photography

No travel
photography is complete without capturing street photos. You will be able to
photograph some interesting frames.

Try to take
photos during the day as well as night. Villages, markets and busy streets are
some of the best places where you can roam around with your camera. Just ensure
that you are not photographing in any restricted areas.

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