3 Ideas for Volunteering Abroad in 2019

If you are looking for volunteering opportunities abroad,
and not sure where to turn to, you have come to the right place. We thought we’d
take a look at three opportunities that are on offer from Volunteer Abroad, to give you some
ideas and to help you choose. Let’s take a look!

Conservation or Environmental Volunteering

In these programs, the volunteer will be able to choose from
a range of placements from working in an animal rescue shelter in Escazu or an
animal welfare center in India, to helping out in an elephant sanctuary in
Jaipur or working with sloths in Costa Rica. We are sure you will find a placement
that suits you. Of course, tasks will vary from placement to placement, but you
could be expected to help with such things as construction and cleaning, as
well as the daily feeding and care of the animals at your placement.

Community Development Building

If you are looking for a challenge, you may wish to try out
a Community Development Building volunteer experience. It is important to note
that these programs can be hard, but are very rewarding. The programs on offer range
from helping with heavy construction, to lending a hand with manual labor

You could be in charge of mixing sand and digging, as well
as aiding the process of making bricks for building schools and orphanages. Whatever
you are building in the local area in which your volunteering takes place, you
will be helping to lay the foundations for the local community to thrive and

For this placement, you don’t need to have any experience
when it comes to building, but you should be quite fit and willing to work hard
to make a success of the project you are assigned. Volunteering is available in
places such as Nepal and Uganda.

Medical / Nurse / Dental

If you are doctor, nurse, or dentist, your skills could be
used for volunteer placements in places as far afield as Tanzania and Zambia. Most
health centers where volunteers are placed have been suffering from staffing
problems and are chronically under resourced for the amount of work they need
to do. You can make a real difference by helping the local community who are in
dire need of treatment and the skills that you can offer.

For more volunteer
abroad programs
, check out abroaderview.org.

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