World Cup Brazil 2014: ATMs and credit cards

Part 2. Tips for using ATMs and avoiding credit card cloning

Are you planning to visit Brazil during the World Cup? Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay! How are you planning to pay your bills while you’re here? Cash or credit card? Are you worried about credit card cloning? You should be.

Brazil has some of the most creative and active criminals specializing in credit card cloning – and, unfortunately, they love to target foreigners who don’t know how to protect their credit cards when withdrawing money from an ATM or paying for their churrasco and caipirinha drinks in a restaurant.

In this second part of our series we explain the most common attacks on ATMs and PoS (Point of Sales) devices in Brazil. These are out to clone your credit card using skimmer devices, fake signage and, of course, a lot of malware.

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