What Makes the Rental Agreement Service of Housing.com Outstanding

In the history of rental agreements, no property owner or tenant would have ever thought about creating a rental agreement himself or herself. Whenever a home is rented out, there is some fee that is invariably involved in creating a rental agreement. In most of the cases, a property agent or a legal representative gets the job done. Then the tenant and the home owner come together to sign the agreement in the presence of witnesses.

However housing.com has come up with a rent agreement service in Bangalore that does not require the property owner to have a representative prepare a rental agreement. Additionally the tenant and the home owners do not have to get together specifically to sign the rental agreement. All of this can be done from the comforts of one’s home and the whole process of rental agreement being created till it is signed is done with the help of housing.com. Here is how.

Creating a Rental Agreement

Just like with every other agreement, there are some legal precedents and predefined clauses in an agreement for rental houses in Bangalore. The property owner knows best about what else he/she wants from a tenant. Hence apart from the legal precedents, there are additional demands from the landlord as well. The rental agreement therefore has some fixed clauses and others variable depending upon the property to be given on lease.

The rental agreement service of housing.com allows a property owner to easily create a rental agreement on the basis of what he/she needs. For the purpose, one has to log into the housing.com portal and select the option marked ‘Rental Agreement’. This option allows the property owner to access a page where a virtual version of a stamp paper is seen. Here, there is segmentation of information categories listed on the left hand side of the page.

As the property owner clicks one, a box comes up demanding details like name, address, rent amount etc. The information sought is nothing that a property owner does not know. As and when all information is filled in the box, the stamp paper in the background keeps getting filled with rental clauses. The agreement to offer flats for rent in Bangalore is therefore created before the eyes of the property owner. This rental agreement is pretty comprehensive and allows a property owner to include rules and ground work related to pets as well.

The rent agreement thus created is a legal document that only abides by the rental laws of Bangalore but also can be presented as a legal document should a need like that arise.

Paying Stamp Duty and Signing of the Agreement

After the agreement has been created, the property owner can pay the stamp duty online. Then the representatives of housing.com take a printout of the rental agreement and deliver it at the doorsteps of the tenants. The property owner has to pay a minimal fee for the process and the rental agreement is also signed on the property owner’s behalf.  In the whole process, neither of the parties have to come together specifically to mark and sign the rental agreement.

In Conclusion

The rental agreement service is currently prevalent only in Bangalore. However with its success, it would soon be offered in the other parts of the country as well.

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