Very Simple Tips To Increase WordPress Security

Whenever you run a WordPress website you need to think about security. It is your responsibility to be sure that the site is properly protected. We are talking about an open source platform that gives you a world of opportunities. This is a great thing but it can also be a problem since it opens the doors to many possible vulnerabilities.
It does not matter if you run a website for leak detection professionals in Melbourne or you run a personal blog to talk about what you do every day. In all cases you need to secure your WordPress site. There are many things that can be done to achieve this but some really simple tips all beginners have to know are presented below.

Do Not Use Common Usernames And Passwords

Hackers often target the WordPress login page. One of the ways in which they try to get access is by guessing login details. Most websites actually use username “admin” or “test”. Alternatively, they utilize login details that are incredibly simple to guess, like the first name of the owner.
Changing the username is easy to do through PHPMyAdmin. Do this and use something that has no connection to the website. Then, make sure that you create a very strong password.
If you want to have a strong password for your website, make sure that you use a combination of various characters with a length between ten and fifteen. There are also some strong password generators that you can find online.

Make The Jump To HTTPS

The WordPress site should be protected by HTTPS. This will encrypt connection between the server and the browser. Attackers are automatically removed as the connection is stopped when they try to transfer data.
HTTPS is good at protecting the website from hidden scripts that might exist on your PC. If your computer is infected with a data stealing script, HTTPS stops it. At the same time, adding this security protocol will help you get improved search engine rankings.

Delete All Unused Plugins And Themes

Always delete absolutely all plugins and themes that you do not use. These can make the site slower and more vulnerable to hacking attacks. Because of the fact that you no longer use such files, you most likely do not update them. Hackers can find loopholes and use them in order to gain site access.
Speaking about plugins and themes, you should also make sure that they are always updated to the latest available version. The same goes for the core WordPress files. Automatic updates can be used whenever necessary.

Do Not Download A Premium Plugin Without Paying For It

Whenever you download the premium plugin without making a payment you open the doors to huge problems in the future. All plugins need to be bought from the official website. Beginners often make the mistake of downloading premium plugins from any source they can find since they become free. This is a very bad approach. Saving money is not something that you should do when you want your site secured and you use bad sources.

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