Top Creative Uses of Cloud Storage

Cloud computing is the new fad on the technology circuit and several sites like Dropbox, Sugar Sync and Team Drive offer a lot of online storage space. However few people are aware that cloud storage goes way beyond just a simple platform to store files and documents online.

Unify all documents:
Cloud offers the superb option of syncing documents across multiple platforms. Just a few years back this used to be a very frustrating experience for most and pen drives were the inconvenient solution with its manual mode of working. Cloud gets rid of all this with a completely automated fix which is easily accessible over the internet.
Seamless storage of multimedia files:
Video files typically take up a lot of storage space. Cloud offers the option to store huge amounts of high definition videos running into several Gigabytes. Music lovers can benefit by placing their mp3’s and mp4 files in the cloud and easily accessing them via a customized playlist on the go with the help of software’s like iTunes and Amazon Cloud Drive.
Photo Storage:
Picture sharing is a breeze with cloud computing. Users can easily edit image files online and create customized photo albums and slideshows. All these can be easily shared via a URL with friends and family members and get rid of the cumbersome process of attaching pictures over email. .
Many cloud storage software’s offer the option of web-based collaboration. This can be of great help to people working in projects since it provides an easily accessible centralized storage space wherein all relevant project material can be easily stored, accessed and edited. Even if a file is accidentally deleted it can be easily retrieved by restoring its previous version.
Utilize cloud hosting:
Cloud hosting is a way of web hosting that pools together the storage space of several servers to provide a seamless way of hosting a web site. This can be especially beneficial to web sites that have run out of their allocated storage space on standard web servers. Cloud provides a much cheaper easily scalable solution to host web sites compared to the model of dedicated web hosting.
File backup and data restoration:
Traditional hard drives often crash resulting in the loss of valuable data. Storing important files in the cloud offers a much more reliable way to protect the integrity of important files. In the event of a system crash they can be easily accessed and restored from the cloud.
File versioning:
It can be fiendishly difficult and confusing to keep track of various versions of the same file. Once again cloud comes to the rescue with its ability to create a virtual paper trail of different file versions.
Easy file sharing:
Cloud storage is much faster way to share files with other users compared to normal FTP services.
The power of cloud computing can be easily leveraged in several ways to deliver the benefits of reliable data storage, faster access and reduced storage costs to millions of net users worldwide. The biggest plus is the easy accessibility of data via the World Wide Web.
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