Review : Dealguru – Best Deals by AskMeBazaar


The world has experienced a great change and it’s currently relying more on the online platform. India has also started its online shopping world with great deal of accelerated outgrowth. But, none can it fit against AskMeBazaar’s marketing strategies. With their recent ongoing saga of AskMe program for Android, their started online shopping world with DealGuru, your next option for online shopping.
DealGuru has the advantage of being connected with the popular online shopping website called AskMeBazaar, which has attained a great reputation within the field of e-commerce through the years. While you can buy or sell just anything on AskMeBazaar, DealGuru helps you make deals of excess inventory, which is done by bridging the gap between the seller and the buyer and bringing them together on a common platform. It may so happen that a specific item made by a business suddenly loses demand in the market, it would by lying waste with the maker. On the other hand, some buyers may be looking for the same, which is currently not available in the open market. DealGuru steps in here, helping the seller sell his product to the buyer at a more affordable rate, making the deal beneficial for both of them.
Advantages for Buyers  
–         Offers wide range of products
–         Multiple payment methods
–         Home Delivery
–         Cancellation of orders (conditions applied)
–         Return cost or refund is provided by parent company AskMeBazaar if any problems occur

Advantages for Sellers 
–         Sellers can find thousands of pure organic traffic
–         Sellers don’t need to have a domain or run their website
–         DealGuru deals with the deliveries
–         After each delivery, Sellers receive their part of the payment
Seeing a great advertisement with KanganaRanaut, DealGuru is the most happening online platform for online shopping that’s widely beneficial for both buyers and sellers as well. AskMeBazaar is always there if you need any help.

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