New Version of OSX.SabPub & Confirmed Mac APT attacks

Late last week, we found evidence of a possible link between a Mac OS X backdoor trojan and an APT attack known as LuckyCat. The IP address of the C&C to which this bot connects (199.192.152.*) was also used in other Windows malware samples during 2011, which made us believe we were looking at the same entity behind these attacks.

For the past two days, we have been monitoring a “fake” infected system – which is a typical procedure we do for APT bots. We were extremely surprised when during the weekend, the APT controllers took over our “goat” infected machine and started exploring it.

On Friday Apri 13, port 80 on the C&C server located at rt***** and hosted on a VPS in Fremont, U.S. was closed. Saturday, the port was opened and bot started communicating with the C&C server. For the entire day, the traffic was just basic handshakes and exchanges, nothing more.

On the morning of Sunday April 15, the traffic generated by the C&C changed. The attackers took over the connection and started analysing our fake victim machine. They listed the contents of the root and home folders and even stole some of the goat documents we put in there!

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Story added 15. April 2012, content source with full text you can find at link above.