Importance of software updates for the security in Windows

What do you do when you see those little icons and pop-up messages that appear in the system tray, indicating there is a new software update available for you to download and install? Most people find such notifications and the process of installing new software updates insignificant and disrupting. The truth is, people ignore such notifications for various reasons, such as, ‘Do I really need to install this update?’, ‘My computer is working just fine, I don’t think this update is for me!’, ‘I don’t have time to reboot my computer’, etc

Computers and computer software can quickly become out of date, requiring updates in order to ensure that everything is running right. The purpose behind the Windows Update feature is to allow Windows users on personal computers get the updates that they need for security, software and other similar purposes.Microsoft Windows typically releases their updates on Tuesdays, and these updates are typically a mixed bag of security improvements, support improvements and other updates made to the software and operating system running on your computer. It is important to make sure that you are employing the most important of these updates in order to keep your computer running right.

software updates include various virus defenitions that help the program to identify and remove or block numerous types of malware attacks. There are literally hundreds of new and updated viruses and malware created every month. In order for software to be effective it has to know what to look for to find the malicious programs which is what the updates are for. If asoftware is not updated computers are left vulnerable to malicious programs like key loggers, rootkits, and trojan horses. Key loggers are small programs installed on a computer by hackers looking to steal credit card and login information. The program logs all the keystrokes that are made on the computer and the hacker uses that information to gain access to personal accounts(Bank accounts, credit card accounts, etc). So it is very important for your safty and the safty of your patrons to keep anti-virus software updated to avoid these types of attacks. there are also patch management tools we can use 

  • Microsoft’s HFNETCHK tool
  • The commercial version of the same program, HFNetChkPro

These tools scan local machines or computers on a network, audit whatever’s in reach and then produce detailed summaries or digests about what is installed where as well as what might need to be installed or updated. They do the research and make recommendations, but they don’t make any actual changes.

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