Google website’s Vulnerabilities of 2012 [updated]

Hi all, here we’ve collected Google and Google’s sites Vulnerabilities, which are found in 2012
Note : Xss will work in Mozilla Firefox only !

1 : Cross site scripting  Vulnerability in
Domain :
Title :  iGoogle
Vuln Type : Xss
Author : Yash and Code injector
Status : Unfixed
Link :

2 : Open redirect Vulnerability in 
Domain :
Title : google for smartphones
Vuln Type : Open Redirect
Author : Minhal Mehdi
Status : Unfixed
Link :

3 : Xss Vulnerability in Google Apis 
Domain :
Title : Google API
Vuln Type : XSS
Author : d3v1l
Status : Unfixed
Link :‘XSS’)%3C/script%3E‘XSS’)%3C/script%3E

if you have any new Vulnerability then you can sumbit it to Google, read this post for more info 

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Story added 27. August 2012, content source with full text you can find at link above.