EaseUS Partition Master Review- The best partitioning software

http://www.formatpc.rs/easeus_logo.gifEaseUS Partition Master is the best partitioning tool and must look at one only if you need more power than the Windows Disk Management tool. This is one of those utilities provided to the PC users having all standard as well as advanced features which are must for any disk partitioning tool. This software does support Windows 7 and is available for in three versions for different levels and budgets. Users who need more power than the official Windows Disk management in their PCs can surely try this partition magic, EaseUS Partition Master.

EaseUS Partition Master helps to convert to dynamic disk from basic disk and vice versa. Windows Disk Management have few limitations which pose an obstacle for converting dynamic to basic disk. It does require to delete the data stored on dynamic disk for converting the same into a basic one. And even if the user forgets to backup the data, then they suffer with a huge data loss. However, we have EaseUS Partition Master which helps the user in converting the dynamic disk to basic disk without even losing data. It does hold some amazing features which helps in the conversion of simple as well as mirrored volumes.

What problem does EaseUS Partition Master Software solve?

With all Windows operating systems, Disk Management utility is inbuilt, which significantly display all the partitions graphically. But, Windows Disk Management utility comes with pretty limited features, where it only allows to perform some basic operations like formatting or deleting partitions and resizing partitions. But, EaseUS Partition Master is a full-fledged featured native tool which can perform every function performed by Disk Management utility and even more than that.

Features of EaseUS Partition Master

  • This software supports an intuitive UI along with detailed graphical representation with specifications helps in configuring the partition. It features a toolbar along with an Action panel, which is nicely organized. All these features together helps in performing and keeping the track of the partition operation easy and simple.
  • By double-clicking any partition displays an explore window which helps in keeping a track of all the details of files and folders on that particular partition.
  • It allows the creation as well as moving and resizing of the partitions easily. For the operation initiation, users need to just drag a slider over the graphical representation. It also allows to extend the NTFS system partition to without rebooting the system.
  • The features of disk copy and partition copy are designed in for providing full data protection. These features help in copying the partition to any unallocated space as well as helps in resizing the partition. Also, it allows in making the backup copy along with migrating the whole system from basic to advanced disk.

Overall, the EaseUS partition Master is an amazing and a solid partition tool featuring a user-friendly interface and smooth performance.

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