Beware, the Curious Case of iPhone Spyware

The new iPhone spy app launched officially by the Apple Store ought to be turning quite a few heads at this point. The name of the app is enough to stop everyone in their tracks. ‘Stalker’ is now available for download and only costing a meager 99 cents, there is no reason that anyone should not be one. What the app really is designed to do is to allow you to take those pictures you know you shouldn’t be, or are too embarrassed to have ever taken.
But doesn’t that feeling itself tell you that you are up to no good and this is a no go area?
Apparently not. Unfortunately, as more and more mobile tools make their way into the iPhone ‘spyware’ and iPhone ‘monitoring’ app genre, the limitations of what a person can and can’t do are all that stand. And hence here is what the app can do.

What the App Does
The app is a secret photography tool and allows the user to take a picture pretty much anywhere  anytime without getting caught through their iPhone. It gives the perfect cover too so if anyone peers into a Stalker active iPhone, they will be greeted with a screen which displays a text message and not the actual stealth photo-snapping. Further, the app eliminates the flash, mutes the shutter sound completely, and take pictures of you at intervals which are preset. It can be set from 1 to 5 seconds depending on the user. The setup is surprisingly and connivingly easy. All one has to do is tap the screen to engage Stalker mode and start doing what you have to do. Additionally, the app can be synced with a
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social network and therefore your stalker can upload the shots to Facebook or say a blog.

The Unethical Side
Though the creators of the app (Zeta) claim that the app is for fun and creative purposes, it is quite obvious to anyone reading how the app works that it can be used for much more than that. Even if you use the app for the sake of creativity and fun, it remains immoral nonetheless.
Why? Well, let’s say you happen to come across a man with a disability. He has no legs yet is mobile through bionic leg installments and is earning a living as a hot dog vendor. So one fine day, while you are getting a hot dog you snap photos of this man. Your intent is not malicious.
You only wish to preserve a memory of an inspiring individual. But the fact that you have a picture of him without his consent is what is wrong and unethical, not to what means you put the picture.

Can You Steer Clear?
Usual spyware has a solution. One can take precautions of what they download or visit using their mobiles, they can install anti-iPhone spyware but there is very little they can do to stop others from taking photos of them when they are least aware. Sure if you have a naughty spouse or siblings you can get an anti-spy app which would counter act the app and disallow shutter and flash from being turned off so that you can catch them in the act. But what about the strange looking man on the train or the leering woman behind the coffee counter?
Well it remains that unfortunately, nothing can be done about this particular spy app in the conventional manner. The curious case of iPhone spyware is such that it is evolving to lengths that are getting hard to keep track of and eliminate. But what you can do is refuse to use the app yourself!

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