15 Amazing LIFE Magazine Covers

LIFE Magazine is one of the pioneering photo journals that have grabbed the attention of millions of viewers all across America due to its amazing and meaningful cover pages. As the name of this magazine suggests all the photos including the cover photos of this magazine are inspired by events of our daily life and are extremely expressive. The innovative and awe inspiring cover photos of the magazine have enhanced the look of the magazine for years and have been one of the important selling points of this photo journal for years. The cover pages of LIFE magazine have been alwaysunique because of the humorous touch given to the events covered inthe magazine;that’s what made this magazine different and ended up in having millions of loyal subscribers.
Cover photos of a magazine are important because they help in drawing the attention of the viewers, give the prospective buyers a brief idea about the content of the journal and definitely act as a deciding factor for investing on the journal. The covers of life magazine are perfect example of an innovative and eye catching cover page from which editors can draw inspiration to design an attractive cover page that would never be turned down for some other interesting magazine.
Amongst the thousands of issues of LIFE magazine that were published between the years 1883 and 2007, we have handpicked fifteen most amazing and meaningful magazine covers for the readers. Travel down the memory lane to revisit life from a different perspective altogether.

10. Menon

15. WWII

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