[INFOGRAPHIC] Getting Extra Mileage from Your Smartphone

When it comes to traveling, conventional wisdom dictates to pack light. While this usually refers to clothing, the same rule could very well be applied to devices. Lugging around numerous and bulky devices can effectively slow down any traveler. Enter the smartphone. Smartphones have become indispensable to the user on-the-go, offering mobility without sacrificing functionality.

However, constant use of the apps in a smartphone can take its toll on its battery. In fact, majority of smartphone users find their devices with little battery left at the end of the day. And since traveling means infrequent charge sessions, users need to be smart about using their smartphones.

Our latest infographic, Getting Extra Mileage from Your Smartphone, shows that most common activities done while traveling require a steady connection to the Internet to function. These activities can drain the battery. Users should assess if they really need to constantly sync online accounts, such as those for social networking sites and for email. If not, turn off any Internet connections unless needed.

Users should also scrutinize the apps that they download. Malicious apps often have routines which run in the background, consuming processing power. Ad-supported apps can also become a source of battery drain. These apps often download notifications and ads in the background. Consider investing in an app that can identify and stop battery-draining apps and tasks, as well as offer solutions to extend battery life.

You can view the full infographic by clicking on the thumbnail below:

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Getting Extra Mileage from Your Smartphone

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