Fighting Cybercrime Across Borders: Why Law Enforcement Collaboration Matters

We’ve frequently talked about how important it is for law enforcement and security companies to work together to stop cybercrime. One particular reason to do so is because of the nature of cybercrime: simply put, it has no borders.

Perhaps more than any other type of crime, cybercrime respects no borders. A cybercriminal in Russia can have colleagues in the Ukraine, use servers in the United Kingdom, and target users in the United States.

We work extensively with Interpol to help fight cybercrime around the world. We recently agreed to help provide tools, training, and information to Interpol so that law enforcement agencies from around the world can build the necessary capabilities to fight law enforcement on their own turf.

However, we also work with countries individually, and in some of those cases we are able to bring agencies from different countries together to investigate the same group of cybercriminals. By serving as a go-between for these various countries, we’re able to help police from diffeent countries work on the same case without having to go through complex and time-consuming procedures used when mutual legal assistance treaties (MLATs) are invoked.

There are still areas where international cooperation in fighting cybercrime can be improved. Something that we think would be highly beneficial is if countries work together to form multinational police agencies that could help deal with regional cybercrime issues. In Europe, we have Europol, which handles helps support the activities of various local law enforcement bodies. An agency like Europol can be very useful in areas where countries have very limited capabilities to investigate cybercrime, such as Africa.

Cybercrime is a global problem, and without global solutions it cannot be fought effectively. Trend Micro works with law enforcement agencies from across the globe in order to deal with these threats and help make the Internet safer for everyone.

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Fighting Cybercrime Across Borders: Why Law Enforcement Collaboration Matters

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