Are You Protecting the Data Packets in Your Pocket?

Do you know how much data is in your smartphone?

Few of us could easily answer this question, what with the amount of activity we conduct using our devices. But while we give little thought to our data, there are cybercriminals and hackers who do. Cybercriminals want your data because they want to make money off of it. After all, information is the new currency.

Some might think that it will take a lot of effort to have their data stolen. However, that is not the case. Often times, cybercriminals take advantage of common smartphone activities and typical user behavior to steal data. For instance, you might find no trouble sharing information through your social networks but that’s one method for cybercriminals to get your data. Downloading apps might be norm but malicious apps could find their way onto your mobile device.

Some of these apps don’t even bother to disguise their intent. We recently spotted a beta version of a spytool which has been available in Google Play since March. This spytool gathers SMS messages from the infected mobile device and sends them to a remote FTP server. This means that affected users are at risk of having their sensitive information stolen by malicious users.

Users can also lose their information—and more—through vulnerabilities in their devices. ZTE recently acknowledged that there was a backdoor vulnerability in one of their smartphone models which could be exploited by attackers to gain full control over the device.

We’ve put together an e-guide to address all the concerns you might have about your data. Our latest TrendLabs Digital Life e-Guide, Are You Protecting the Data Packets in Your Pocket?, contains information, as well as tips, to on how to ensure that your data remains with you and not with cybercriminals.

Post from: TrendLabs | Malware Blog – by Trend Micro

Are You Protecting the Data Packets in Your Pocket?

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