Update: Intermittant Connectivity Issues External Internet Sites

Penn State experiencing connectivity issues to external Internet sites

This afternoon, August 23, students, faculty, and staff members at all Penn State campus locations experienced issues connecting to Internet sites external to the University. In addition, users outside of Penn State also experienced difficulty accessing certain Penn State sites, including the University’s main public-facing website, psu.edu. Many Penn State sites, including Canvas and lynda.com, were affected but are now currently available.

Technical staff are working with external Internet service providers to determine and rectify issues that might have caused the connectivity problems. Given the events of this week, including problems with the Penn State community being unable to log in to sites behind WebAccess (see http://alerts.its.psu.edu/alert-4204), technical updates and changes to IT systems with broad impact to the University will be limited or even paused until there is further clarification about what caused the connectivity problems—and the earlier login issues—and whether remediation efforts have been successful.

For more information, contact the Operations Center at 814-865-4662.

More information: Update: Intermittant Connectivity Issues External Internet Sites

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