Turnitin instructor accounts may need reactivation

On July 1, the Penn State Turnitin service upgraded to a new interface which streamlines the creation of new accounts for students and instructors at Penn State. However, it has come to our attention that the recent interface upgrade has caused some Turnitin instructor accounts to be disabled. In particular the following users may be affected:

• Users who are listed as “STAFF” in the Penn State directory including IT support, some Librarians and others using Turnitin for different purposes at Penn State.
• Some instructors who only teach some semesters. Access may be deactivated if an instructor loses FACULTY status in a particular semester when he or she is not teaching.

It is possible to permanently reactivate instructor access by following these steps.

• You can log in to http://turnitin.psu.edu to determine if instructor level access is available. Many accounts were upgraded to instructor status, but not all.
• If you need access, please contact turnitin@psu.edu and send information about either your past/future courses or your usage of Turnitin.
• You will be notified once access is re-established. The process is usually completed the following morning after a database refresh process.

The Penn State Turnitin staff apologizes for the inconvenience. They have been in contact with the staff at Turnitin.com and it was determined that this is the best short term solution.

More information: Turnitin instructor accounts may need reactivation

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