Scheduled Maintenance – UPS replacement at Pattee/Paterno Library hub site

OVPIT – ENCS/TNS will be replacing the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system that serves the Pattee HUB site on Sunday 11/20/2016, starting at 5AM with work expected to be completed by 5PM.

In order to perform this work, all equipment at the Pattee HUB site will transferred to temporary power. This temporary power source will not have the benefit of backup protection from a generator or a UPS. We anticipate the transfer and operation of the equipment on the temporary power source to NOT be service affecting and users will not see any outage.

If the event of an unplanned power loss to the Pattee / Paterno Library electrical feed, ECNS / TNS services would go offline for the duration of the electrical outage or until we would be able to complete the upgrade and transfer back to UPS / Emergency Power.

Services that have the potential to be affected include:
Pattee Layer 2 and 3 Network connections that are not redundant.

VoIP, Wireless, and Backbone services in the following buildings are subject to this alert:

Cedar Building
Music One and Two
Rec Hall
Eisenhower Chapel
Executive Ed
Nittany Landscape
Child care Center at Hort Woods
Hamilton Hall
Irvin Hall
Jordan Hall
Mckee Hall
Thompson hall
Watts hall

Again, we anticipate NO service outages related to this work, only if there is an unplanned and external electrical outage while this work takes place since the equipment will not have backup power.

Please reference SNow Change – CHG0039116

2.) Notify the OC of the impact

3.) Contact OPP Central Control since they have building automation equipment in this location that will be impacted.

4.) Contact the Physical Security Office relative to the potential impact to cameras and door access if there is an outage to the equipment.

More information: Scheduled Maintenance – UPS replacement at Pattee/Paterno Library hub site

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