Resolved: VM Hosting Slowness

The small percentage of the VMs that were responding slowly this morning are now functioning at full speed. Below is more information about the degradation that occurred:

When was the degradation resolved?
The degradation was resolved by 12:30 p.m. this afternoon, returning all VMs to normal operating state.

What caused the degradation to occur?
This morning the VM Hosting service team began performing a standard storage migration in response to a storage configuration concern. The migration is routinely done during the day and has never before impacted our users or resulted in any kind of service degradation. As such the migration was evaluated to be a change that could occur outside of our standard maintenance window. However, today, the migration impacted a small percentage of the service\’s VMs, and the service team is continuing to look into why a standard change resulted in an unexpected degradation.

What is being done to prevent a similar degradation from occurring in the future?
Until the root cause of the degradation is identified the VM Hosting service team will be performing any other migrations of this kind during the standard maintenance window.

More information: Resolved: VM Hosting Slowness

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