Resolved: l2tpgroup VPN profile to be discontinued on 1/20/2017

Data Center Services (DCS) is currently working on a plan to phase out older protocols for the Virtual Private Network service. As part of this project, over the next couple of months, several VPN profiles will be discontinued, with the final changeover to the new protocol completed around the Spring Break timeframe.

This alert is to let you know that if you are currently using the “l2tpgroup” with your VPN connection, it will be discontinued.

DCS will continue to work with IT Staff and the IT Service Desk as other profiles are discontinued, to allow for time to transition to the new client and profiles.

When will it happen?
The VPN profile titled “l2tpgroup” will be disabled on Friday, January 20th.

Who will it affect?
A small number of users who select the “l2tpgroup” VPN profile to connect their VPN client to a Penn State network.

How does it affect me?
Users who attempt to connect their VPN client with that profile may receive a message saying that “Access is denied” or that “Authentication has failed.”

If you use the VPN client known as VPN-Virtual Private Network (IPsec), along with this profile, you will need to change your client to the AnyConnect client to receive an updated profile configuration.

Necessary action:
To download the new VPN client, speak with your IT support staff about your VPN configuration. You can also go to, under “Connecting to Penn State” and download and install the VPN- Virtual Private Network (AnyConnect) client for your operating system.

More information: Resolved: l2tpgroup VPN profile to be discontinued on 1/20/2017

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