MeetingOne Audio Conferencing Upgrade/Downtime

In order to expand MeetingOne’s audio conferencing capacity, one of our telco providers will be performing updates over the course of two days: June 3rd and 6th from 11:00PM – 1:00AM ET. The timing of the updates is out of our control. The updates will result in downtime that may impact some MeetingOne audio rooms if in use during the scheduled windows. The estimated downtime is 15 minutes and will occur sometime during the update window on each day.

If you were planning on hosting an audio conference during the June 3rd window , please use the following alternate access number to minimize your conference from being negatively impacted: 800-891-0481. If you have a dedicated toll free conference number, when prompted for the room number, enter the toll free number as the room number. You do not need to enter a 1, just the 10-digit toll free number.

If you were planning on hosting an audio conference during the June 6th window, please contact customer service by June 5th, 8:00 PM ET in order to get an alternative number.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused. If you have any questions, please contact MeetingOne customer service at 888.523.8445 or by emailing

Thank you for using MeetingOne audio conferencing.
The MeetingOne Customer Service Team
Tel: 888-523-8445

More information: MeetingOne Audio Conferencing Upgrade/Downtime

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