Top cloud security controls you should be using

Another day, another data breach because of poorly configured cloud-based systems. The latest incident, in which up to 6 million customer details for Verizon’s United States customers was exposed, is yet another reminder both the cloud provider and the organization share the responsibility for cloud security.

There is a misconception that the cloud service provider is in charge of securing the cloud environment. That is only half the story. Cloud security providers such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google take care of security for their physical data centers and the server hardware the virtual machines run on, but leave the individual customer in charge of protecting the virtual machines and applications. Cloud providers offer an array of security services and tools to secure customer workloads, but the administrator has to actually implement the necessary defenses. It doesn’t matter what kind of security defenses the cloud provider has in place if the customers don’t protect their own networks, users and applications.

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