Virtual bitcoins vs hard cash

The festive season with its gifts, decorations and costumes can easily put a dent in your finances. No wonder then that after the holidays spam started appearing with suggestions on how to make some money. And increasingly spammers are using bitcoins – a cryptocurrency – as the bait. For instance, bitcoins can be earned in return for access to the computing power of a device. There are plenty of stories about millionaires who have made a fortune with the help of this currency, and spammers have been quick to exploit its current popularity.

Recently, bitcoin’s exchange rate has been steadily increasing (at the time of writing 1 bitcoin is worth $623), making it a rather attractive proposition.

Spammers are exploiting the popularity of the currency in different ways. One of the mailings offered to share the secret of a millionaire who made his fortune with bitcoins. The message stated that with the help of this secret, the recipient could make $1500 per day without even buying any bitcoins.


The link in the message led to a web page that contained promises of great wealth. In order to receive the software required for this type of income, the user had to enter his/her e-mail address.

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Story added 20. February 2014, content source with full text you can find at link above.