Security policies: non-productive use of resources

In the first part of this article we told you about targeted attacks and about how cybercriminals penetrate corporate networks, attacking the computers of employees who use their desktops for social networking and other cyber-skiving.

Along with targeted attacks there are other threats. Intentionally or by chance employees may be guilty of disclosing confidential data or breaking copyright laws, which might result in law suits against the company.

We will tell you about some incidents related to the storage and transfer of corporate documents via a personal mailbox or a cloud service and the use of software for P2P file sharing. We will explain what technologies and security policies allow system administrators and IT security specialists to prevent such incidents.

Reputation loss

Reputation is an important corporate asset that is worth protecting – and not only from criminals. Employees who send professional correspondence to their personal mailboxes, download illegal content or use pirate software on corporate computers, never even think they might damage their company’s reputation.

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