How Get Thousands of Twitter Followers per Day #teamfollowback

Twitter is one of the Most Popular micro blogging website.Specially it worth a lot for bloggers,promoter including normal human beings also.As they can get lot of traffic on their website and blog by sharing links on twitter.But for that, peoples should have a lot of followers on their twitter accounts but they don’t know how to get more followers.
But calm down and don’t be nervous as this post is all about “how to get more followers”.Normally, their are some sites on web who provides twitter followers, and you need to register on respective website and then follow their members and they will follow Back, but actually many twitter accounts on those websites are Automated, they would never read any tweet of you, and ultimately you can’t Get Traffic for your blog/website by those Bots ! and may be your account get misused on this type of website,
so here is a “New and working method of getting Twitter Followers” without using and third party website :

#teamfollowback is A Group of twitter members on twitter, who want lot of followers. You need to join their Group by adding #teamfollowback suffix or Prefix on while tweeting.Here is a How to method !!

Login to twitter
Search #teamfollowback
follow the pepole who added #teamfollowback #ifollowback #ifollowall in thier tweets,
They will follow back you in next some hours
So follow more and more peoples whose tweet’s includes those hashtags and you’ll get the same…

and always follow back the peole who is Following you !
Here are some more hash tags you should include into your tweets to get more followers :

Use these hash tags at suffix or Prefix in your tweets

What if someone will dont follow ?
Just go to and see the people’s list who is not follow you back, Unfollow them all if you have to do so !
i Hope you find something new and useful , leave a comment below and share it on social networks !

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