Resolved: Unscheduled Update to WikiSpaces

In order to mitigate a security vulnerability in WikiSpaces, the vendor software was patched and restarted at 4:30PM on Monday, August 5, 2013. While there was no outage, some users may have had to reauthenticate.

Note: The patch has the following side effect.

If you have configured all of the below:

1. allowed anonymous view in space permissions
2. restricted some content in that space so that anonymous cannot view it

then any time a non-logged-in user tries to view the restricted content they will be redirected to a login page normally, but once they are logged in they will be redirected to the site homepage, not their original destination.

Workaround: Once the user has logged in, they should manually navigate back to the page they intended to view.

The Confluence Security Advisory can be found at .

More information: Resolved: Unscheduled Update to WikiSpaces

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