eLion unveils enhanced Advising menu; release (5/8/2013) for eLion Adviser

A new and improved Advisers menu was recently unveiled on eLion for
advisers at Penn State. All advisers have access to the newly redesigned
eLion menu and are encouraged to try its many updated features, including
a more user-centered interface and better visual layout. The new Advisers
menu, which mirrors enhancements made to the Student menu last October,
now includes the capability to search features and functions and mark them
as favorites. Advisers will also have a new way of accessing the advising
rosters with an added ability to smoothly move between student records.

“Advisers often use their eLion accounts to show students how to
accomplish academic functions, so having an Advising view that mirrors the
Student’s perspective provides an important teaching tool,” said Janet
Schulenberg, senior undergraduate studies adviser for the Division of
Undergraduate Studies (DUS). “The more attractive interface and intuitive
navigation will help advisers use eLion to facilitate a seamless advising
experience for students as they move through the University.”

DUS and the eLion Academic Advising Franchise were each instrumental in
guiding the University-wide effort to improve the advising function,
working collaboratively to shape the interface to meet current advisers’
needs. DUS, provides academic advising expertise for students, advisers,
administrators, and offices across the University. It also manages Penn
State’s academic advising network, and enrolls more than 7,400
undergraduate students across the system.

Similar to the Student menu initiative, the Advising menu redesign was a
collaborative effort among organizations from across the University,
including the Shields Resources Student Advisory Board, student focus
groups, members of the eLion Governance and Operations teams, as well as
development teams made up of the Office of the University Registrar, the
Office of the Bursar, the Office of Student Aid, the Division of
Undergraduate Studies, and Administrative Information Services.

eLion is a web-based service for students, advisers, faculty, and parents
that provides secure, real-time access to academic and financial records
in the University’s administrative database. Additional menu functions
within eLion (such as Parent, Former Students, and Faculty menu) will be
converted to the new and improved interface in the near future.

For comments and feedback regarding eLion, contact elionfeedback@psu.edu.

More information: eLion unveils enhanced Advising menu; release (5/8/2013) for eLion Adviser

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