The McAfee Americas Channel Promise

In my 26th year at McAfee, my fourth leading the Americas Channel Organization, I wanted to take a step back and ask my team a few questions:

  • What does being a part of the McAfee Channel team mean to our partners, to our company, and to our channel employees?
  • Why do we do what we do?
  • What value do we bring?

Over the course of eight weeks, I worked with the core Americas Channel management team and a third-party vendor to frame out the McAfee Americas Channel Promise. This exercise forced us to dig deep into our organization and define what matters, articulate the value of our channel, and more. I would like to share what we launched last month at the Americas Channel All Hands event, because I hope it’s something you can attach yourselves to as a McAfee partner.

I AM McAfee Channel

The Americas Channel is a vital growth engine for increasing market share for McAfee.

We Bring

Scale and market presence

Competitive insights

Deeper customer advocacy

Operational and financial stability

Managed services

Advocacy for partners

Our Value Proposition

Together, we will deliver on our customers’ business outcomes. The channel provides McAfee with the ability to scale effectively and efficiently with our McAfee differentiators. The best way to achieve scale is through a robust, purpose-built channel.

We do this through resellers, system integrators, distributors, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), security consultants, and service providers.

Our channel community enables us to meet the demands of an ever-changing landscape of customer expectations, consumption models, competitive threats, and shifting markets.

Without Our Channel Community, McAfee Would:

Lack alternative consumption and purchasing options for customers

Sacrifice sales and operational capacity

Increase financial risk and exposure

Lose scale and market presence globally

Miss out on competitive insights

Incur additional go-to-market costs

I AM McAfee Channel

To Our Channel Partners

We are your partner and your primary advocate inside McAfee.

To Our Company

We are a growth catalyst that helps deliver on our customers’ value drivers at scale, provide deeper customer relationships, and position McAfee as the cybersecurity market leader.

To Our Channel Employees

We are the place to be within McAfee. We embody our company values in all that we do, and we believe that “Together is power.” We foster strong partnerships with and through our channel partners to increase McAfee’s market share and maintain our position as cybersecurity leader, build deeper customer relationships, and help keep the world safe from cyberthreats.

I AM McAfee Channel, and I hope that if you’re a partner with McAfee, this message resonates with you. I know it does with our team, and we are proud to be a part of this partnership with you. Your feedback is welcome in the comments.

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