My Favourite Online Games For Under 10’s

Whether you like it or not, kids love online games. And why wouldn’t they? Online games are fast paced with extraordinary graphics and cleverly designed reward systems.

And whilst kids should be spending a good proportion of their downtime in the back garden, parents seem to be increasingly comfortable with online games occupying a proportion of their kids’ R&R.

So, if you are looking for some great quality online games for your kids or trying to incentivise your offspring to clean their room, then some of the following online games might just fit the bill!

1. Club Penguin

Target Market: 8-14 years

Club Penguin is a gaming and social networking site for kids. Using their personalised penguin avatar, children create a virtual life on several islands full of games and fun activities. They earn coins to purchase clothes and toys for their penguin.

What I Love

  • Kids need permission from their parents to play.
  • The site will ban players for inappropriate conduct.
  • Parents can limit their child’s interactions or number of log-ins.
  • Parents can disable the chat function or choose an über-safe option where kids can only choose from pre-approved phrases.
  • Free membership is very limited. The paid membership of about $30 for 6 months is a far better experience. As the site is advertising free, I believe this is a fair price.

2.    Pop Tropica

Target Market:  6-15 years

Pop Tropica is an online, role-playing game in which kids can travel between 26 themed islands, play games and communicate safely with each other. Each island has a quest that players can solve to win medals. My youngest son loves this!

What I Love

  • Free membership is available. Paid membership is not essential.
  • The children have to read to get clues to solve their quests.
  • The site weaves in some great historical information.
  • The interaction between participants is through pre-chosen phrases.

3.    Moshi Monsters

Target Market: 6–12 years

Moshi Monsters is an online game for kids that provides players with an introduction to social networking. Players create their own pet and look after it in their virtual world. The main goal of Moshi Monsters is to earn “rox” to purchase food and furniture to keep your monster healthy and happy.

What I Love

  • The puzzles test players’ maths, spatial awareness, logic and vocabulary.
  • It teaches some great life lessons – managing resources and the balance between fun and work.
  • Reading is required to communicate with your monster!
  • The Pinboard and Friend Tree provides a good introduction to social networking.

And if the truth be known, these games don’t just have to be for the kids. I have to confess I am particularly proud of my Pink Penguin, my Scary Dragon avatar on Pop Tropica and my Purple Poppet Moshi Monster! Now, I just need to work out how we can all have a turn…

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