UL takes on cybersecurity testing and certification

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) today announced a new Cybersecurity Assurance Program (CAP) that uses a new set of standards to test network-connected products for software vulnerabilities.

The new UL certification will be for both vendors of Internet of Things (IoT) products and for buyers of products who want to mitigate risks.

The testing standards were developed as part of a voluntary program involving industry officials as well as academics and the U.S. government.

President Obama’s broad Cybersecurity National Action Plan, released in February, details a long-term strategy to improve cybersecurity awareness and protections. Obama’s plan specifically notes that UL worked with the Department of Homeland Security to develop CAP to test and certify networked devices “whether they be refrigerators or medical infusion pumps, so that when you buy a new product, you can be sure it has been certified to meet security standards.”

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