The Fog of Cyber Defence

The Fog of Cyber Defence

The Finnish National Defence University has published a 250-page book called The Fog of Cyber Defence. The book discusses cyber warfare, cyber arms race, and cyber defense from a Nordic viewpoint.

The book was written by twenty authors:

Insights into Cyberspace, Cyber Security, and Cyberwar in the Nordic Countries – (Jari Rantapelkonen & Harry Kantola)
Sovereignty in the Cyber Domain – (Topi Tuukkanen)
Cyberspace, the Role of State, and Goal of Digital Finland – (Jari Rantapelkonen & Saara Jantunen)
Exercising Power in Social Media – (Margarita Jaitner)
Victory in Exceptional War: The Estonian Main Narrative of the Cyber Attacks in 2007 – (Kari Alenius)
The Origins and the Future of Cyber Security in the Finnish Defence Forces – (Anssi Kärkkäinen)
Norwegian Cyber Security: How to Build a Resilient Cyber Society in a Small Nation – (Kristin Hemmer Mørkestøl)
Cyber Security in Sweden from the Past to the Future – (Roland Heickerö)
A Rugged Nation – (Simo Huopio)
Contaminated Rather than Classified: CIS Design Principles to Support Cyber Incident Response Collaboration – (Erka Koivunen)
Cyberwar: Another Revolution in Military Affairs? – (Tero Palokangas)
What Can We Say About Cyberwar Based on Cybernetics? – (Sakari Ahvenainen)
The Emperor’s Digital Clothes: Cyberwar and the Application of Classical Theories of War – (Jan Hanska)
Theoretical Offensive Cyber Militia Models – (Rain Ottis)
Offensive Cyber Capabilities are Needed Because of Deterrence – (Jarno Limnéll)
Threats Concerning the Usability of Satellite Communications in Cyberwarfare Environment – (Jouko Vankka & Tapio Saarelainen)
The Care and Maintenance of Cyberweapons – (Timo Kiravuo & Mikko Särelä)
The Exploit Marketplace – (Mikko Hyppönen)

The Fog of Cyber Defence can be downloaded as a PDF file from

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