Global James Bond Day

Today, October 5th is Global James Bond Day celebrating the 50th anniversary of Agent 007 (in film). Okay, it’s a promotional thing for the upcoming film — Skyfall — but it’s still pretty cool.

And it got us thinking, over the last 50 years, how many “fantastic” James Bond gadgets now seem to be quaint?

Global James Bond Day

Hmm, well, we still don’t have Jet Packs… but fingerprint scanners are common place. And a TV watch? Not likely. Watches went from utilities to fashion accessories years ago. Today, we’re more likely to watch television on our phones. So it makes you wonder, what kind of “Q-tech” currently exists in the Internet security world?

Perhaps it’s espionage tech such as Stuxnet and Flame?

Fortunately for most of us, such things are likely to remain in the realm of jet packs. Unfortunately, just like Q, people get ideas when they see fantastic gadgets. And that may just spur malware innovations so that what seems fantastic today, could be common place tomorrow. Enjoy your James Bond Day.

(Thank you for the cool graphic, Ville.)

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