Contemporary Art Galleries- Everything You Need to Know

Contemporary art galleries otherwise known
as commercial galleries are spaces where you get art for sale. In these
galleries, different artists’ works are displayed. Regular exhibitions are also
held in a bid to expose the artist’s work.    

Even though galleries come in many forms,
they all have one thing in common – presenting and selling art. Art galleries
are beneficial to artists, art lovers, and collectors among other art buyers.
Artists get a place where they can display their art to a wider audience. The
spaces also help many artists maintain their art career through regular sale of
displayed artworks. 

Thanks to contemporary galleries, artists
do not have to market their products. This is not to mean that artists cannot
source for market for their products. Some artists are actually very good
marketers, but marketing and simultaneously creating artworks can be a lot of
work, and this may affect the quality of their art over time. Art lovers also
get a space under one roof where they can get a variety of art pieces made by
different artists. Since most, if not all, art galleries have different artists
in their roster, art lovers get to see what these artists have to offer and
also purchase the pieces they want from the gallery. 

Art galleries also act as one-stop shops
for architects, interior designers, and other professionals who need art but
have no time to go to individual studios looking for a single artist’s work.
Execute Project art gallery is an initiative that aims to deliver all the above
and so much more. The gallery works to help artists grow their career and
benefit from their artwork. Founded in early 2019, this gallery held its first
exhibition in March the same year. 

The solo exhibition dubbed Tonality by Nishiki Sugawara-Beda presented 5 paintings and sculpture installations. Just like with this maiden exhibition, Execute Project wants to expose more artists to the world in future. The Execute Project art Gallery aims to display art both online and through different presentations. The online platform makes it easy for collectors and the general public to see what is on offer at the click of a button. 

Multiple online channels including social
media are used in a bid to show the art to a wider audience. Presentation also
helps as buyers can see and purchase whatever art piece they like. Given that
this is a general commercial art gallery, it is open to the public, and
visitors do not pay an admission fee. Just like any other for-profit art
gallery, the Execute Project Art Gallery encourages artists and critics to join
the openings. This way, the artists get the networks they need to grow in all
areas in their careers.

In recent times, you will find commercial
art galleries in city centers among other urban settings. The galleries are usually
two or more in number within the same location.

In its little way, the gallery wants to
provide that un-known artist with a platform where the world can see their

The Execute Project Art Gallery – Final Thoughts

The Execute Project art gallery works just
like any other commercial gallery. The space is designed with both artists and
the public in mind and its primary purpose is to showcase the works of
different artists.  The artists can
concentrate on their art since they have a platform where they can showcase
their work to the world, while the public get to experience and connect with
current culture. This art gallery is designed to work pretty much like a social
network for all people who have an interest in art. The Execute Project art gallery
also doubles up as a production space for Executive Magazine. Just like the
gallery, this magazine aims to promote both emerging and mid-level career
artists. It is hard to classify the type of space the Executive Project art
gallery is, but its work and dedication in promoting new and mid- level talent
speaks for itself.

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