silent poison, bing based scanner [PHP]

here is “silent poison, bing based scanner ” which is a server pentesting tool coded in php at “Indishell Lab”

Download It Here
this script has following functions

1.Find website hosted on a server
2.Bing based sql injection finder
3.mass sql injection scanner
4.cms finder

Find website hosted on a server
this is to find hosted websites on a server either by specifying server ip or link of a website hosted on that server.

click on “extract hosted websites” button and it will extract website hosted on that server 🙂

Bing based sql injection finder
this is to find sql injection vulnerable website using bing search engine.
we need to specify either server ip or single website of that server.
a query , according to which script will search sql injection vulnerable links

click on “chal billu” button and wait till the end of script process

mass sql injection scanner
this is for scanning websites in mass for sql injection. again we have to provide either website link on a server or server ip.
script will extract extract all domain hosted on the server and then will test one by one
script will extract links on a website and will check them for sql injection existance.
this may very long time taking process 🙁

cms finder
This is for identifying CMS of websites hosted on a server 🙂
just supply website name or server ip and script will extract link of website hosted on server and
then will scan them for CMS identification
like this

and you will get result like this

press start CMS scanning and wait till the end of script processing
you will get result like this

Thank you 🙂

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