Is it time to install Microsoft’s January updates? (Yes.)

Some people can’t wait for a new version of Windows 10. They sign up for insider editions and eagerly watch for the next release.

I’m exactly the opposite of that.

I wait and make sure the version of Windows 10 that I’m using is fully compatible with my applications and I have time to deal with any side effects. My philosophy with security updates is the same; I don’t install them right away. (Though I do install them every month without fail.) If you haven’t yet installed the January updates, do so as soon as possible.

The major update that I warned about last month was KB4535680, which was offered up to Windows Server 2012 x64-bit; Windows Server 2012 R2 x64-bit; Windows 8.1 x64-bit; Windows Server 2016 x64-bit; Windows Server 2019 x64-bit; Windows 10, version 1607 x64-bit; Windows 10; version 1803 x64-bit; Windows 10, version 1809 x64-bit; and Windows 10, version 1909 x64-bit systems.

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