Facebook Transparency

Facebook released a transparency report yesterday that covers the first six months of 2013.

Global Government Requests Report

All in all: 71 countries requested information on 38,000+ people. Facebook provided law enforcement information on approximately 25,473 people, based on the percentages of requests where some data was produced.

I copied the numbers to a CSV file if you feel like doing the math (or making a graph).

And just what kind of information might Facebook provide? Well, that you can test that for yourself if you have an account. Go to facebook.com/settings and click on the link to “Download a copy of your Facebook data.”

You’ll find some interesting details inside the data archive:

Data archive, security

Including some inferred location data:

But such inferences are far from perfect.

I did in fact visit Germany in April:


But I haven’t visited southern California in ages:

southern California

At least, not that I know of…

Why does the future suddenly feel like I’ll have to start auditing log files for errors as if they were credit reports?


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