Big box LatAm hack (2nd part – Email brute-force and spam)

    To complement the already mentioned findings, the same cybercriminal’s server contains additional interesting things but before mentioning them, I want to give a little bit more information about the email database used to spam victims to infect them with the Betabot malware. E-mail database How big is the list of email addresses to spam victims? It has 8,689,196 different addresses.  It is a very complete database. Even if only 10% of the machines of the people included in this list get infected, cybercriminals would gain more than 800,000 infected PCs! The geographic distribution of the emails is already published here. If we just look at the number of the most interesting domains belonging to governments, educational institutions and such used to spam and to infect, they are still very high numbers:

Domain    number of emails org            13772 edu            2015 gov            1575 gob            312

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